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Tub Enclosures

Portas de Correr - Corner

Three sliding doors. Inox ball-bearins rollers . Magnetic closure . Acrylic of 2,3mm or 4mm tempered glass Aluminium profiles lacquered . White or methalized . Standard height: 1400mm


Glass - Anti-stain treatment for sandblasting glass
 - Possibility of applying the anti-calcium treatment

Style - Essential . Versatility . Quality . Durability

Profile color - White . Methalized

Door type - Portas de Correr

Type corner - Corner


Glass thickness - 4 mm

Acrylic Thickness - 2,3 mm

Standard Dimensions - 140-160
 - 161-180
 - Side 68-72
 - Side 78-80

Total Width - 90-180 cm

Height - 1400 mm

Lateral - L

Front - C

Color Profiles


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